Red Planet Offices

We provide Solutions for the Transportation Sector in the following areas:

  1. -Passenger Information                        - Mobile Communication

  2. -Display Systems                                 - GSM-R MobiSIR

  3. -CCTV                                                - Security Surveillance

- Driver/Passenger Safety                     - Further Education


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We provide Solutions for IT in the following areas:

  1. -NetWorking                                        - Network Surveillance

  2. -BackUp                                               - PC/Macintosh Integration

  3. -Verification                                         - iPhone/iPad

  4. -WiFi                                                    - Education Instruction

Providing the appropriate Solutions for Renewable Energy Systems is a long term engagement project for Red Planet Offices.

We are concentrating our efforts in the following areas:

  1. -Wind Powered Systems                       - Bio Powered Systems

  2. -Solar Powered Systems                        - Stirling Engine Systems

- Future Innovations.......

Our customers are located Globally

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